Monday, October 27, 2008

October so far...

We are all fine here. Kaylee was on fall break last week, so we are both excited about her going back to school today. She always misses it when she's not there. She is still not potty trained. I worked with her last week while she was home, but she truly does not seem ready. So I'm going to put it off a little longer and just hope that something clicks with her eventually. On October 7, Kaylee's school class visited a local pumpkin patch where she was able to ride a pony, play in the hay, slide down an enormous slide, go on a hayride and pick out her own pumpkin. I was able to go for a little while and I was so proud to see her climb up the huge slide. A year ago, she couldn't have done that. It was very rewarding. She also talks like such a big girl. Her latest catch phrases have been hilarious. She seems to lock in on things we say and then run with them. Matthew is always saying, "This is ridiculous." And now Kaylee loves to use it, whether she's getting dressed or has to pick up her toys, you'll hear her say, "This is ridiculous." Another favorite is, "You are driving me nuts." which Matthew and I both tell her on a daily basis. However, you know you've said it too often when your own child uses it on you! Kaylee loves to sing and play pretend and it's just so exciting to watch her mind and her imagination expand right in front of our eyes. We had parent teacher conferences last week and her teachers just love her. They think she is hilarious! We also found out that she obeys them much more than us about doing what she's told, so at least we know she's normal!

Sydney is good. She is standing by herself now and seems only days away from walking, but I'm in no rush. She is a speed crawler and that's enough to keep up with! She babbles all the time but only says "mama" when she's hungry or sleepy! Of course! She is so cute and when she's sleepy, she's still pretty cuddily! Sydney went to the doctor today and she weighs 28 lbs and 3 oz and is 32 inches long! The doctor says she is a very healthy baby and with the exception of walking, she's right where she needs to be! So we're going to keep encouraging that walking and I'm sure it'll happen sooner than I'll be ready for it!

Matthew has been very busy. He has 12 interviews schulded right now. He preached his first sermon yesterday morning on his 26th birthday. He was very nervous but he did a great job! He has a presentation this morning about something I can't pronounce. And his first interview is Friday, so he's busy trying to prepare for that as well. Oh and nevermind that he has an exam on Thursday. I don't know how he does it; I just know I wouldn't want to do it.

I'm good. October has been a great month for my Pampered Chef. I made $660 in commissions this month with just over $2,400 in sales, I was pretty pumped! The babysitting is also working out well, so Matthew (he works part time doing medical reviews for a doctor) and I are slowly chipping away at our enormous debt. We just feel so blessed to able to spend time with our family and still make some money too. Life is good.

This week we're getting ready for Halloween! Kaylee is going to be a princess! She loves being a princess; she wants to wear dresses everyday because that's when she becomes a princess! Sydney is going to be a ladybug. We're planning to make some pictures this week and I'll do my best to post them next week.

We hope that you are all doing well during the beginning of this holiday season. We're looking forward to seeing many of you over the next two months! But for now, we hope you have a great week and a very safe and spooky Halloween!

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Dad said...

Looks like she had a big time. The Panther sweatshirt was a nice touch.