Friday, April 25, 2008


I know I said I'd do better about posting but there just isn't much to tell. Sydney has two teeth coming in and she's not sleeping well at all. The last three nights I've been up from about 4:30 am until 6:30 fun. Then, Kaylee is usually waking me up around 7:30 am wanting a poptart and a vitamin (clearly she's matthew's child!). Speaking of which, Matthew is working a lot and not enjoying it too much. He's at Riley Hospital. Between all of the really sick kids, long hours, and working with all women, he just doesn't have many positive things to say about this particular rotation except that at least he's a 1/4 of the way done with it and three weeks away from the end of third year. As for me, I'm busy. Trying to catch up on scrapbooking, hosting a pampered chef bridal party for my good friend Maggie, thinking about ideas for my Horizons lesson, keeping up with my Wednesday night lessons, and staying up with a crying baby is also wearing me out, so I am very excited for mom and katie who are coming to visit next week, so we can go to the VERA BRADLEY outlet sale! Wahoo! I'm super pumped about that and I just keep looking toward that. Kaylee is good. She stays very busy going to school, playing outside, and coming home exhausted every day. Her teacher tells me frequently that Kaylee cracks them up (she gets that from me!) by the things she says. She is very good at memorizing phrases and then using them when she feels they are necessary. It's pretty funny to hear what comes out of her far nothing horrible or embarrassing but I'm sure that time is coming.
As for other news, Matthew's grandpa is having open heart surgery to replace valves on Wednesday. Jacquie is going to stay with them (they live in Ohio). So please keep them in your prayers.
As for my granddaddy, I spoke with Grandma on Wednesday and she said they were doing good. He's up, moving in his wheel chair, watching traffic from the front porch. She said his appetite was crazy, which is such a good thing, and generally, he's in good spirits. So thanks so much to all of you who have kept them in your prayers and have sent cards and food as well. They appreciate it so much. Please continue to remember them in your prayers.
Well, that's it. There's lots to be done. Hope you all have a great weekend. Miss and love you all!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, today I get to mark off a big one off of my list of fun things to do before I die..."Be in an earthquake." That's right there was an earthquake and it shook Matthew and I awake. Sadly, we thought it was the wind even though it literally shook our apartment. It was approximately 5:37 A.M. today and we weren't sure what was going on but we awoke quite startled, visited the restroom and went back to sleep. There's been at least one aftershock but nothing major though the first one this morning registered as a 5.4 on the scale. So, very exciting, I know, but don't fret, the big news doesn't stop there....Sydney has two teeth. That's right. You heard it first here folks. Sydney has her two middle bottom teeth coming in and she has made it very clear that it is very painful. She is currently making it from one dose of Tylenol to the next and at the moment is sleeping soundly. (yay!) But we are very excited, we were beginning to worry that she'd have to gum everything forever. She currently enjoys crackers, french fries, macaroni, peas, green beans, rice, and long walks on the beach...what? Just kidding. No walking yet. Or crawling for that matter. She just lays there and cries wondering why I am such a cruel mother and have left her in the floor to fend for herself. Never fear though, big sister Kaylee is always near to stick the pacifier back in Syd's mouth. In fact, I get the feeling that Kaylee has a strong aversion to hearing Sydney cry, but who doesn't?
In other news, the weather has finally become beautiful and spring has sprung. We were able to get out this week and get Kaylee on her bike. We had to get her a new helmet though. Hers from last year was too small (she has so much to thank her daddy for!). At first, she didn't want the helmet on at all, but once we got it on her, we couldn't get it off. I mean, Kaylee wouldn't let us take it off. If she could have laid down with it on without breaking her neck, I think she'd have slept in it. Oh, and for all who were wondering, Kaylee doesn't so much as enjoy biking as she enjoys sitting on the bike with her feet on the pedals and allowing Matthew or myself to push without so much as moving a muscle herself! Clearly, she gets her work ethic from me and not her daddy! As most know, I've always been more of a lounger.
As for Matthew and I, we're good. He's four weeks away from finishing his third year of medical school and we are both thrilled and proud of this milestone. So much has happened from five years ago, when we were trying to plan our wedding. The time has gone much too quickly. But thanks to all of you who keep us in your prayers. Please keep specifically my granddaddy, Bobby Edwards, in your prayers as his transitions from the nursing home to home. Please also remember Matthew's grandpa, Don Arbaugh, as he is preparing for heart surgery hopefully within the next month. We have always coveted your prayers but more than ever, we appreciate them now.
Hope that all of you are doing well and enjoying the spring weather without any earthquakes! I'll do my best to post more often with pictures as much as possible. Have a great weekend! God bless!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What a great visit!

On Friday, April 4, the girls and I traveled to Hohenwald, TN, with Michelle Stout. We arrived around 10:30 P.M. (central time) and were just glad to be out of the car. On Saturday, ten of us traveled first to the nursing home to visit Granddaddy and Grandma and then on to Henderson, TN, for Makin' Music at Freed-Hardeman University. It was wonderful to see all of my grandparents and to get some hugs! We managed to make it to Henderson without any incidents and with the exception of some cooler weather, we had a great day. Alex did a great job with his makin' music show! It was a joy to watch. The entire Makin' Music production was great and thoroughly entertaining! The girls enjoyed watching it until they both fell asleep. I'll never know how they slept through all of the music and lights! It's amazing how children can pass out anywhere. I was able to see lots of old college friends and some family members too. It was as wonderful of a day as I had hoped it would be. We all finally crawled in bed back in Hohenwald around midnight completely exhausted! On Sunday, all twelve (since we had now added my mom's mom and dad) of us showered and dressed for worship and I'd like to proudly say that we arrived early! We were lucky enough to worship with the Lomax church of Christ on their 90th anniversary of existence. It was a wonderful day and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing more old friends and hearing about the history of the congregation; and we were even able to all be together for my grandmother's birthday. Sunday afternoon after the afternoon service, we all went back to mom and dad's to pass out again from exhaustion. Then around 4:30 P.M. Katie and Josh and two of their friends from Redbank church who'd be staying with us, all went home to Chattanooga. And that left us with mom and dad, me, Michelle and the girls. So Sydney took another nap while Kaylee, Michelle and I went down and played with the Hill children enjoying the 80 degree weather! It was beautiful! We finished the day having dinner with the Hill and Haston families; it was the perfect end to a great day. On Monday, Michelle, the girls and I went to visit mom and dad at their respective work places so that the grandchildren could be shown off. Then, mom and dad both took a half a day off to spend the afternoon with us. Before dinner, we made a trip to the nursing home and visited some more with Granddaddy and Grandma. It was so nice to see Granddaddy sitting up, eating well, and telling Kaylee that she had a frog in her pants! After dinner at a local restaurant, we crashed at home again to watch the NCAA championship and then headed for bed. On Tuesday, Michelle, the girls and I left around 8:00 A.M. (central time) and headed for Indianapolis. We took our time, taking a couple of long stops for pictures and playtime at McDonald's and finally arrived home around 4:00 P.M.(eastern time) where we were greeted by Matthew who had missed us greatly. It was a wild trip but well worth the sleep deprivation and bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way down. I do believe that a great time was had by all. To all of you who we saw, it was great to see you and we look forward to next time we can do it again! Have a great rest of the week!