Monday, July 14, 2008

almost four weeks

Okay, so it's almost been four weeks since my last post, but if it helps, it's been a crazy four weeks! On June 17, Sydney began really crawling and ever since then, she's been getting faster! She is into everything and has no fear. She can easily pull up to her knees but hasn't made it to her feet yet. She's been eating everything we offer to her; I gave her cow's milk for the first time today and she drank it quite well today. She has a lot of personality; she'll just sit and stick both arms out and bounce while she just laughs. She's a lot of fun! I took her to the doctor almost two weeks ago for a runny nose and cough (just making sure it wasn't an ear infection) and she weighed 25 lbs and 9 oz. She's wearing 24 months stuff for those who would be interested in that kind of information. And I think the older she gets, the more she looks like me which is nice since Kaylee doesn't resemble me at all. I've always said that if I hadn't been there, I wouldn't know Kaylee was mine by looking at her.
As for Kaylee, she is good. She's not potty trained but we have an appointment on July 28th to see a pediatric urologist, so please keep us in your prayers and hopefully we'll get some answers or at least a new game plan. Otherwise, Kaylee talks all the time. She is a bottomless pit for food. She loves to run around the house and have Sydney chase her but she doesn't like for Sydney to get into her playfood. And if Sydney has a toy that Kaylee wants, Kaylee will say, "Sydney doesn't want that." and then she takes it away, but otherwise they love each other. Often the two will be riding in the backseat of the car and will spontaneously began laughing at the other. It's sweet; they think each other is hilarious.
The girls just got back from Mimi and Pappy's. They went the week of July 6 to spend some time there while I had an opportunity to go back to Freed-Hardeman University and teach at Horizons, which is a camp they have every summer for teenagers and pre-teens. I was lucky enough to co-teach with my college roommate and even reunite in our old dorm for a week. Olivia and I had a great time. It was a well needed break from being a mom and a wife and I grew so much spiritually as I always have at Horizons. This was my eleventh year. I had eight years as a camper and this was my third as a teacher and I already cannot wait to go back next year! I was baptized fourteen years ago at Horizons and this camp continues to hold such a special place in my heart for all the good it does for our youth. And for those of you who may be worried about the state of our youth, I'm feeling much better. I spent a week with 90-100 17 and 18 year old girls who did nothing but impress me with their maturity and moral groundings. Our future is not as bleak as I once thought it was.
Matthew and I celebrated our own milestone on Saturday. July 12, we had been married for five years. Of course, I didn't intend to have two children in five years, but the Lord works in mysterious ways! :) Matthew and I were able to go out for the first time in a year and enjoy dinner at Applebee's and even go watch the Indiana Fever play a game (Indiana's Women's Basketball Team). At the game, we saw Tamika Catchings receive the jersey she will wear when representing our country later this summer on the USA Olympic team; we also saw the National Spelling Bee champion, and I got a special visit from the Indiana Pacers' mascot, "Boomer." We had a great time and finished the night at Coldstone. A special thank you to Lois for keeping the girls; we really appreciated it.
Of course, I will add a slideshow to the bottom of this post. Some of the pictures are from June 28 where we went to the Ward's house and spent the day making Corn Hole boards, so that we could all have our own game! My sweet husband even surprised me and spent the week while I was away painting our boards Tennessee orange with the team "T." I was so excited and they look so good! Some of the pictures are from July 4, where we enjoyed the holiday at the Vick's and eventually went downtown and saw the fireworks display and played corn hole.
In other news, Matthew and I are good. He's currently doing a rotation in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (which is still the speciality he plans to pursue). Next month, he'll be doing cardiology. He's doesn't seem to mind his current work which is good since he'll be doing it for the rest of his life! :) He has to have all of his applications turned in by Sept. 1 for his residency choices, so please keep us in your prayers as we try to decide which residency programs he should apply to. We'd be happy to stay in Indy but we must consider the possibility of him not being matched here and seek alternative options.
I'm good. Still on my Horizons "high" just excited about life. Special thanks to mom and dad for taking care of the girls for a week. I missed the girls and Matthew terribly but it was so nice to back to college life for a few days without any major responsibilities.
Hope that this finds all of you doing well. Hope you had a happy and safe 4th, and have a great week!

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It's fun to be making memories with your family. Lois