Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August has been busy!

Hello friends and family. We are doing well and staying very busy. We began the month in Elkhart, IN, to celebrate Matthew's dad's birthday. Kenny has rounded the corner and hit 50! We enjoyed a great surprise party and had a wonderful time celebrating Kenny with many friends!

I began keeping Bre on August 12. It took a few days but we have found a routine and I think she enjoys her time here. I know my girls certainly enjoy having her here.

Kaylee began school on August 18. She is riding the school bus this year since I am at home with two other little ones. She was reluctant at first but has quickly come around and enjoys taking the bus to school. She is off to a great start at school and always comes home exhausted. We are still potty training but with little success and by little I mean none. She sits on the potty every two hours but has only actually gone once. We will continue this through the month of September before we go back to the doctor.

Sydney is good. She is a speed crawler and can now clap. She also has six teeth and loves her mama. She's a bit rotten but she's so cute; the rottenness is probably my own fault! She is beginning to want to stand but can't quite seem to get her feet under her. She doesn't say mama yet, but enjoys hunting me down just the same.

Matthew is good and is almost through another rotation. This Cardiology rotation has been good for him and I think mostly, he has enjoyed it. He has the month of September off and while I think he is looking forward to it, he is not looking forward to the test he'll take September 17 in Chicago that goes toward his license requirements. He is working on completing his residency applications and now we must just wait until March when we find out where we're going or staying.

I am good. Enjoying Pampered Chef very much. Just had a great first cooking show this past Saturday and I am very much looking forward to my commission check even if it is already spent. It's just so nice to be making money again and getting to do two things I at home with the girls and cook!

That's about it for us. Sorry it's taken me so long to sit down and get this updated. I do apologize. Hope you enjoy the update. And hope all is well with each of you!

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Maggie said...

Love the pics and miss you guys!