Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Pictures...Again!

So, I'm just a sucker for fun times! Why not take my children to another photo studio and, I mean enjoy the event one more time? At least this time, we came home with photos. Sydney was all smiles upon entering the studio; however, after about two shots, she began crying and then, spit up all over herself and the photographer. And I must say, Sydney handled it much better than the photographer, but after a moment and a consideration of changing into a new shirt, only to decide she should wear the dirty one while finishing our session, we continued taking pictures in an outfit with some yellow stuff on it that I managed to rub into the blue of Syd's dress. Kaylee was not any better about sitting still; it simply ain't happen'. And every time she said "cheese" she looked up at the ceiling. If she managed to look at the camera, she screamed, "ahhhhhh" or simply had no expression at all. We did manage to get several good shots of Sydney where she was either solemn or was crying but it could pass as a smile. Nevertheless, I have attached the two shots we came home with for your viewing pleasure. I just close my eyes, count to ten, and remember that these are the moments we live for...when another photographer from another shot comes over to wipe my oldest child's nose for fear that her snot will be smeared all over the toys in the kids' section. These are those moments. Have a great weekend everybody and a happy Easter!

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Mitzi said...

Precious babies! I can bearly wait to see them and give them big hugs!