Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So much to tell...

Hope that this finds you all doing well. We're good. Since my last post, we have traveled to Elkhart, Indiana, for the Easter holiday. Kaylee received several cards and goodies and she seemed to enjoy the festivities thoroughly. Before our trip, Kaylee and I made Easter cookies. This was quite a feat. We both ended up with flour everywhere but many critics commented that the cookies were delicious. Matthew was doubtful at first but after some icing and sprinkles, we made a believer out of him. The Easter bunny visited Kaylee twice. I don't know if he had heard false testimony of her good behavior or if she was just receiving gifts on Sydney's behalf, but either way, she had a good time exploring her baskets' contents. Both girls spent the holiday weekend with runny noses and for two nights, Sydney slept with us, which is something I don't allow, so you must know it was our last resort. During the holiday, we were also able to celebrate Jacquie's birthday by enjoying a delicious meal at Cracker Barrel (where Kaylee met the Easter bunny) and finish it off with an ice cream cake! Kaylee was over joyed that a birthday was being honored and was absolutely certain that it was her birthday despite being told otherwise. The last of these attached pictures show Kaylee's bottom lip which had an altercation with her teeth on the eve of Tuesday, March 25. Kaylee was standing on her bed (which she's been repeatedly told no to do followed by some more firm displays of discipline). She decided to do an Olympic dismount only to do what she does best...fall awkwardly off the bed and cry loudly. Sydney, of course, was lying on her changing table, crying herself, for who knows what reason (we keep blaming the crying spells on her incoming teeth, but so far, no teeth, which may be a good thing, at least they can't pierce her bottom lip.). Matthew was in the bedroom changing his clothes so that he could make a brake for it to the weight room as soon as the girls were in bed, so he has no idea until he hears the commotion and I holler, "Hey, I need an old wet rag. We got a bleeder in here." It was lovely. And this children, is why you save intimate relations for marriage. How else would you keep your sanity as you rear children if it were not for sharing parenting responsibilities with another semi-capable human being? These are the memories we've been making. Hope that ya'll made some memories as well over the holiday weekend but with a little less crying and a lot less blood. Have a great rest of the week!

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