Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring Pictures

So, many of you may have been expecting some Easter pictures of the girls. I must admit that I too, thought it would be a grand idea. I had this vision in my head of my beautiful children in coordinating outfits in front of a beautiful background; however, fate had a different idea in its head. And thus begins the story...

So, yesterday, I called Target and made an appointment to get the girls' Easter pictures made. We had heard very good things about the Target Photo Studio and had seen good results from a close friend of ours. However, I had intended to make the appointment for our Greenwood Target but unknowingly, I made the appointment at our Southport Target which we found out at 10:05 this morning when we arrived at the wrong Target. Immediately, I called the correct Target to see if we can get a later appointment. The girl says that she has no appointments for a couple of hours, so just come on over and we'll get the pictures done. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it?
We head on over making good time and arrive in only a tiny but of distress. I smell poop! Thankfully, I hadn't yet dressed the girls in their coordinating outfits, so we're okay, no thanks to Sydney and her bodily functions. So, we quickly get the girls changed and posed perfectly in front of a lovely blue background.
Over the next hour, we only manage to get four shots and in none of them were both of the girls smiling, not to mention there was at least 6-8 inches between the girls in each picture. We began the photo session with Sydney hollering her head off in hunger. Of course, who wouldn't be hungry after emptying your stomach contents into your diaper? After we take a five minute break to replenish Sydney's fluids, we begin shooting again. Except there's no shooting going on, just sheer frustrations and madness. Kaylee refused to sit still and she most certainly was not going to smile in anything resembling a normal smile. More definite than all of that was the fact that Kaylee could only hold Sydney in a choke hold. Holding Sydney gently around the waist was a request that she simply could not comply with! Matthew and I took turns trying to get the girls to both look at the camera and then simultaneously smile. That's not asking for too much, is it? Apparently it is. When I got behind the camera to get the girls' attention, Kaylee could only mimic what I did. If I clapped, she clapped...Sydney fell over. If I jumped, Kaylee bounced...Sydney fell over. If I shook my arms in the air, Kaylee shook hers...Sydney fell over. You get the idea. Every time Sydney fell over, she cried. Then, we get her happy again only for Kaylee to let go of her or choke her and the result was the same, Sydney cried. Of course, Kaylee's response was, "What's wrong with Sydney?" At this point, I am near tears and Matthew has had enough as well. Somewhere around the hour mark, Matthew says, "Let's give it another five minutes and if we don't get something, let's call it quits." No sooner had he gotten the words out of his mouth, but Sydney spits up down the front of her outfit. We exchanged looks and decided it was the end of the road. We got the girls changed back and sadly enough left without ordering any pictures.


Arika said...

I understand and can completely relate to this! Forget the days of getting that perfect smile. Between two toddlers---it doesn't exist! The only "picture perfect moments" are those that occur when there are no cameras to prove it! Ha. Keep trying. The older they get the easier it will get! It is frustrating but will make for great stories when they are older. : )

Becky Welch said...

OH I can relate, dear!!! The first pics I had of Carter and Laura Beth, she is 2 and he is 7 months. She has him in a headlock and Carter is screaming. I bought a 5x7 just to remember that time in our lives!!!!