Monday, March 10, 2008

Dayton or Bust

About a week ago, Matthew and I discussed a trip to Dayton, Ohio, to visit his grandparents and decided that this was probably our best opportunity to make the trip for a few months, so we called the grandparents and confirmed our lodging accomodations at the Arbaugh Plaza. We had agreed to leave Thursday after Matthew got home from work since he was off the following day, and we would come back on Saturday afternoon, so we could be here for worship on Sunday. I'm not sure why we thought we had it all planned out and that that's exactly how it would go. Didn't we remember that that's how we got Kaylee in the first place...we had a plan? Yeah, sometimes plans change and by now we're getting pretty good with going with the flow.
Thursday morning, Matthew's granny sent me an email saying that they were expecting 3-5" of snow on Friday and maybe some more snow showers on Saturday, but they'd leave the decision up to us about still coming. I called Matthew and we decided that we had dealt with way more snow than that and we were still heading for Dayton that evening. Then, around three that afternoon, I received another email from Granny. Now, they were expecting around 3-10" of snow starting sometime Friday and continuing until Saturday afternoon. Again, I call Matthew. We still felt that this was going to be our best opportunity to go for a while, so we'd stick with the plans. Yeah, the plans again! We left for Dayton, specifically Beavercreek, around six Thursday evening and made excellent time arriving around eight. We were in, we were save, and there was no snow on the ground. Things were good. Then, somewhere around 8 or 9 Friday morning, things went south, or rather north, like Alaska north. It began to snow, just a bit, but it was snowing. However, by lunch time, it had picked up and big flakes were falling rapidly and it was blowing everywhere. Still not a huge problem, we can totally deal with a few inches. By the time we went to bed Friday night, there was probably 4 or 5 inches on the ground. Cool. It was pretty and we didn't have any where to go for another 18 hours. However, while we slept, it continued to snow and snow and snow and snow. We awoke Saturday morning to roughly 10 inches of snow and it was still pelting the ground and the wind was wild! By five o'clock Saturday evening, the snow was beginning to slow and eventually tampered off and we rounded off the day with roughly 14 inches of snow. We were so not going back to Indy on Saturday afternoon. Instead, Matthew got out with his grandpa and they cleaned off the driveway and dug our car out of the snow and we headed for Indy at 7:30 Sunday morning and made it safely back in time for worship.
Overall, we had a great visit. Matthew's granny kept us fed with some great food. We watched some great basketball games and disccused potlitics (boy, don't I feel like a grown-up!) and took lots of pictures. Matthew and I got Kaylee in the snow for a little while and she had a blast. Sydney enjoyed watching Baby Enstein on her great-grandparents new flat screen. Overall, a good time was had by all and we're looking forward to our next visit, just hopefully without 33 hours of snow!

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